Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation, 4th Edition

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Product Overview

This Code of Practice provides a clear overview of EV charging equipment, as well as setting out the considerations needed prior to installations and the necessary physical and electrical installation requirements. It also details what needs to be considered when installing electric vehicle charging equipment in various different locations - such as domestic dwellings, on-street locations, and commercial and industrial premises.

Key changes for the 4th Edition include:

  • General requirements - updated in line with the very latest amendment to BS 7671 (specifically within Section 722)
  • On street installations - section updated to reflect a range of situations
  • Installations at dwellings - section updated to provide greater clarity on domestic installs
  • Three phase installations - address in more detail within the commercial and industrial section of the code
  • Vehicle to grid - section updated and expanded providing useful background to this emerging development as well as providing detail on installation issues
  • Smart infrastructure integration - updated to cover installation considerations that are becoming increasingly complicated as EV charging needs to be compatible and integrated with a range of other systems and installations
  • Wireless charging - expansion of coverage of this area as its potential begins to be established and realised


(No reviews yet) Write a Review